• Investment Firm Profile: Lincoln Crowne and Company

  • Posted on July 22, 2021
  • Lincoln Crowne and Company is an enormously high-profile investment firm led by Nicholas Assef, who is currently that firm’s Executive Director and a Senior Analyst. Lincoln Crowne is fully staffed with investment banking specialists in the Australian and South East Asian markets, although they can go anywhere their clients wish them to go. However, their clients are very picky and they know what they want. The key to the firm’s overall philosophy is based on their understanding that no one hires a firm like Lincoln Crowne and Company unless they have a specific objective in mind.
    That is why it is always up to the professionals at Lincoln Crowne and Company to give them what they want. The firm has built a very large stable of investment professionals with a lot of experience and expertise in many diverse areas of business. They can capably handle joint ventures, partnerships and mergers and acquisitions and they are also highly skilled with other areas, like developing solid growth strategies, shareholder rights, and strategic due diligence. The core business principles at Lincoln Crowne and Company mean clients get a lot more than deal-making expertise, however.

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